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Session Details, times and prices

All sessions take place on Satudays in term-times at the DAC in Glascote, Tamworth. We break up for main school holidays (Easter, Summer and Winter) and have a weekend off over each half-term.

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Minis (4-5 yrs)
£6 per session


The Minis Session runs from 9.00-10.00, and costs £6 per week.

At this age, the focus is strongly on learning through play. Young children have such incredible imaginations and enthusiasm, and we bring this natural creativity into play in all our sessions. However, in line with early school years, we expect and encourage our Minis to be able to focus on specfic activities for short periods of time - for example, learning a new dance move.

Juniors (6-8 yrs)
£12 per session

The Juniors Session runs from 10.00-12.30, and costs £12 per week.

As our students get older, we work with them to develop basic performing arts skills. We treat each child as an individual, as confidence levels can vary considerably. However, we would work towards ensuring that each Junior is happy and confident enough to follow stage directions and learn and deliver lines clearly.

Inters (9-11 yrs)
£12 per session

The Inters Session runs from 10.00-12.30 and costs £12 per week.

At the older primary level, we help our students further develop performing arts interest, talents and skills. We also work on developing and enhancing useful life skills such as team working, problem solving and confident public speaking. Although we continue to run sessions across the three main performing arts (Acting, Singing and Dancing), we also help to identify the particular interests of each student, and help them develop these further.

Tweens (11-13 yrs)
£12 per session

The Tweens Session runs from 13.00-16.00 and costs £12 per week.

As our Tween students have transitioned from primary to secondary school, we focus on further developing confidence, team-work and basic stage skills. The Tweens regularly work alongside the older Seniors group, so gain experience of working with older children, but also help out with the Juniors and Inters with certain performances, increasing their responsibility and teaching skills. 

Seniors (13-18 yrs)
£12 per session

The Seniors Session runs from 13.00-16.00 and costs £12 per week.

Our Seniors are all secondary school age, and so we cover more mature themes and topics in our sessions. At this level, we expect our students to be performing at almost the same technical ability as amateur adult groups, and we will help them as a group and as individuals to extend their abilities across a range of performing arts. We also encourage an interest in other activities relating to performing arts - eg script-writing, directing, costume design, stage makeup etc.

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