Alice In Wonderland - July 2014
Alice In Wonderland - July 2014

The Flowers


Stage It! has been providing high quality and fun Performing Arts Sessions for young people aged 4-18  in Tamworth, Staffordshire since 2013
Stage It! is currently running classes in smaller "Bubble" sessions, to comply with COVID regulations. 
We hope to resume normal sessions towards the end of June 2021.
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Class Availability

Minis (4-5) - Full - Waiting list available

Juniors (6-8) - Full - Waiting list available


Inters (9-11) - Spaces available

Tweens (11-13) - Spaces available

Seniors (13-18) - Spaces available


"..it is plain to see the bond that the kids all share and that is down to all of you so well done." - Becky


"She absolutely loves coming to Stage It! It was a fantastic show - really enjoyed its originality."- Marie


"You will never know how much you have improved her self confidence..." - Louise


"Stage It! is run by amazing staff that are dedicated and patient." - Becky


"Thank you for all your time spent with her. She has spent the whole afternoon making thankyou cards and re-enacting the whole performance in the lounge." - Anthony


"All this is done with lots of fun and new friends, whilst filling my children with bags of inspiration and confidence." - Michelle


"All the children performing had such a fantastic time and it was really obvious that they enjoyed every second they were on stage." - Alaina