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Wizard of Oz
8th July 2018

A series of first for our Minis, Juniors and Inters Summer show this year. This is the first summer musical since the formation of the Tweens, meaning that all the cast for Wizard were aged 10 or younger. I think it's fair to say that the cast performed their parts fantastically well - with a professionalism and maturity well beyond their years!! We couldn't have picked better children to play each of the roles - they absolutely made it their own. 

So proud of everyone who took part in Wizard of Oz - from our Mini Winkie Guards to Dorothy and her Gang - you all did a brilliant job.




Popstars - The 90s Musical
1st July 2018

A fantastic show - our first full-length, full-scale musical, performed faultlessly by our Seniors and Tweens. It's never easy to perform pop songs - complex melodies and harmonies and wide vocal range, not to mention the associated choreography, but everyone did a great job. Very much worthy of the glitter cannon ending!!!




High School Musical Jr. and Peter Pan Jr.
10th July 2016

In another first for Stage It!, audiences were treated to a "double-bill" of shows on 10th July. First, the Seniors performed High School Musical Jr., and then after the interval, the Minis, Juniors and Inters performed Peter Pan Jr. The Director's review is below:

High School Musical Jr.

From the first shout of "Come on, Wildcats" to the last note, the performance of High School Musical Jr. was everything we had hoped it would be. This year, we challenged the Seniors to be their own stage crew, responsible for moving props on and off-stage between scenes, and because of this, the whole show became very slick and fast-paced, with no waiting around for the next scene to start. The whole cast performed brilliantly:

Gabriella and Troy - it was absolutely vital that you both demonstrated the awkwardness and embarrassment of auditioning for the school play, while, at the same time, standing up for what you believed in, and, of course, falling in love. You did a brilliant job - creating believable characters, singing very well, and providing a memorable emotional contrast between the upbeat bits of the show, and the low point after Counting On You. Well done!

Sharpay and Ryan - what can I say?! Two of the more experienced and accomplished performers in the Seniors group, the only words I can used to describe your performances are "slick and polished"!! Absolutely faultless performances, creating believable (and, in the case of Sharpay, unlikeable!) characters, completely over the top, but not TOO over the top! One of my highlights was definitely your performance of What I've Been Looking For - the way you managed to hit the harmonies spot on and dance at the same time is very impressive!

Chad and Taylor - well done guys, for two rock solid performances, supporting the leads and encouraging/leading the chorus in turn. Your solo spots were performed extremely well, and neither of you missed a cue. You drove things along at a breakneck pace - brilliant job.

Ms. Darbus and Coach Bolton - it can sometimes be tricky playing the "grown up" roles in a largely youth-driven cast, but both of you stepped up and created brilliant characters. Ms. Darbus was a brilliantly wacky, but slightly scary and stern drama teacher, and Coach Bolton an enthusiastic and believable sports coach and father. Well done to both of you.

Kelsi and Jack Scott - as the narrator, it's vital that Jack Scott was played by someone who had the enthusiasm and energy to drive the story forwards, but also the clarity of diction to be understood - you played the role brilliantly on the night, and you were most certainly a vital element of the whole show, helping to clarify where we were in the plot! And Kelsi - a fantastically believable music geek, with most probably the most convincing mimimg of playing the piano I've ever seen!! 

Martha and Zeke - both of you had us, and the audience, in stitches with your performances. Brilliant comedy timing, deadpan delivery of your lines, and, of course, the carefully timed cake hitting Sharpay. Status Quo has to be a highlight, but we've had many complementary comments from audience members on the enthusiastic dancing by both of you (but particularly Zeke!)

All the remaining cast provided brilliant support to the main characters - staying in character at all times, but not overplaying anything, singing well, remembering the choreography.... everything we hoped you'd do. Particular thanks, of course, must go to our Inter Cheerleaders for providing additional support throughout the show.

In general, you should all be extremely proud of yourselves. Very professional performances, coping with the odd technical issues (at least one of which was definitely my fault - so I'm very sorry!) and keeping the energy and passion throughout. Well done!!!

Peter Pan Jr.

Wow. I was quite honestly left speechless after the performance of Peter Pan Jr. Not for long, granted, but for a few seconds, I couldn't quite believe what had happened. Both shows of Peter Pan were absolutely, without doubt, the best I've ever seen you do. All of you. Every single member of the cast remained in character, projected, faced the audience, and created a believable element to the story. And what a story it was. I've lost count of the number of people who have said lovely things about the show, and with good reason - it was brilliant.

Peter and Wendy - obviously, we needed the leads to be great performers, who could not only create believable characters, but also sing well, and lead the other performers in each scene. We couldn't have picked better. The two of you did a fantastic job - very professional. Wendy - in particular, your singing is beautiful, and you had many members of the audience in tears during "Your Mother and Mine". Fantastic. Well done.

Tinker Bell - what can I say that hasn't already been said. A deserving recipient of the "Star of the Show" award - your performance really wouldn't have looked out of place in a professional production. Your character was well developed, you delivered your lines to the audience in an incredibly natural and engaging way. The pacing of your delivery was spot on - nice and slow, and I think everyone in the audience fell in love with your infectious smile which very rarely left your face! You really should be incredibly proud of yourself!

John and Michael - guys, that was a fantastic job. From the moment you started the sword fight in the nursery up until the last scene, you stayed in character, acting with wonder at all the things going on around you. Your singing was spot on, you delivered lines clearly and believably... well done.

Hook and Smee - it isn't always easy playing the "Baddies", but the two of you did a brilliant job. Hook - the over-dramatic, Shakespearean elements of the role came through very well, and you led the chorus during your songs very well indeed! And Smee, you were the perfect sidekick to Hook - not only that, but you led the chorus in the pirate songs brilliantly.

Tiger Lily and Tiger Bamboo - both of you did brilliantly. Tiger Lily, with the longest individual solo in the show, you sang beautifully, and with a lot of emotion - a very grown-up and professional performance. And Tiger Bamboo, as the Chief, you did a great job at switching between "being the Chief" and "dropping out of character" as you were supposed to do in the script. Loved the "Stretching my arms" bit! 

Fairies - wow! We picked you because you were good singers, but overall, your performances were fantastic. You looked brilliant in your fairy outfits, moved like fairies (unlike in some of the rehearsals!!!) and really added to the magic of the show. It's never easy being the ones to open the show, but you all sang and performed with confidence. Well done!

Mermaids - another group of great singers. Well done for engaging with Wendy during your scene, and a particular well done for being able to move wearing those tails - I'm not sure I would have managed it!!

Nana, Crocodile and Mrs. Darling - Thank you for providing the additional support to the show in these characters. All three of you performed your roles brilliantly well - Mrs. Darling, in particular was a very mature and believable Mum! 

Lost Boys - brilliant performances from all of you - especially the ones with lines - you projected really well, and the audience could hear you clearly. All of you did a great job. Special thanks to our Minis for providing even more sound in What Makes the Brave Man Brave and Following the Leader.

Pirates - well done for creating very believable pirates in all your scenes. You looked fantastic, sang excellently, and did exactly what you were supposed to!

Indians - an amazing performance, especially in What Makes the Brave Man Brave - your movements were brilliant - and the photos sum up how believably fierce your characters were!! Really well done.

All in all, Peter Pan Jr. was a fantastic show - I hope you're all left with many happy memories of both the rehearsals and the show - I certainly am!

Well done to the cast of both shows!!! See you in September!



Seniors Residential - Malvern
31st May-2nd June 2016

During the May half-term, we took the Seniors to a residential centre near Malvern for our first ever Stage It! Residential Trip! The three day visit was a great opportunity for the group to really bond together, have some fun, play some silly games (highlights had to include the Lip Sync Battle, the Baby Food Challenge and, of course, Jail Break!) and continue to work on their High School Musical performances. The whole trip was a great success, and we arrived back in Tamworth on Thursday afternoon very tired but very happy!




Video Christmas Showcase
6th December 2015

In a slight deviation from our usual practice, Stage It! held a Video Showcase Screening of their Christmas Showcase. The students had spent the entire Autumn term recording songs, dances and short plays for the video. While it felt a little bit odd not doing a live performance, it did allow the students to sit with their friends and families to watch the show, which of course, isn't possible during a live show. It also allowed us to experiment with different video techniques, including "green screen". There were some amazing highlights, but, for me, it was the dances which were most effective - all four classes did a brilliant job in all their showcase performances!




The Infected - World Premiere!
17th October 2015

A very special day at Stage It! today. The Seniors and invited guests attended the World Premiere Screening of their movie, The Infected. It was a fantastic black tie event - everyone was dressed up for the occasion, and the feedback was fantastic. Well done to all our Seniors for their hard work putting the film together.




End of Term Party
18th July 2015

The annual End of Term Summer Party and Awards Ceremony took place today at the DAC. A beautiful sunny day plus bouncy castle, bungie run and assault course made sure that everyone had a great time! Congratulations to all our students for another fantastic term!




12th July 2015

A fantastic performance of Olivia! at the Assembly Rooms today. Some amazing performances from all our students - we are very proud of them all.




Stage It! Teachers Awarded "Be Tamworth" Badges
28th April 2015

This evening, the Stage It! Teachers attended a ceremony at Tamworth Town Hall, and were awarded with "Be Tamworth" badges. The mayor was very impressed with the dedication shown by the teachers, and the positive impact they have on the Stage It! students.




Directors Review - Christmas Showcase 2014
6th December 2014

Here is my review of the Christmas Showcase:


Robot Dance: All three classes did a brilliant job in the opening dance number. The choreography for this number was more technically complicated than anything we've done previously, and you all remembered the moves really well - I saw a lot of strong, deliberate movements, and I know Jemma was pleased with how it turned out. Even the spiral at the end worked really well!


Jingle Bells: I am very proud of our Minis. Not only did you all pay attention and practice the song in our weekly sessions, but you performed it perfectly on the night. It was lovely to see you all enjoying yourselves onstage - I saw lots of smiling faces, and your singing was certainly loud! Well done!


Romeo and Juliet: Inters - you did a fantastic job performing Romeo and Juliet. Narrators - you projected our voices well, spoke clearly, and helped to draw the audience into the story. Romeo and Juliet - great performances by our leading man and lady - even with no real lines, you managed to create good, believable characters, especially with the very emotional death scene. The supporting cast did an excellent job - lines were delivered on time and very clearly, all cast positioned themselves onstage where and when they were meant to, and there was good portrayal of character and emotion. Brilliant job all of you.


Roar: After a great performance of Roar at the Christmas Lights Switch On, I wasn't sure it could be bettered on the night, but our Juniors certainly sang their hearts out! Thanks also to Jess for conducting the group. Well done to all the Juniors.


Black and Gold: I am very impressed with our Seniors for what, in my view, was a challenging and technical dance. The costumes, music and choreography all combined to make a very professional-looking act, which many adult groups would have been proud of. I know how much work went into that dance, and how worried some of you were about performing it - I hope you enjoyed it - looking at the smiles while you were onstage, I think you all did!


Hard Knock Life: The whole show was absolutely brilliant, and all the acts were really well performed, but this was a personal highlight for me. The Inters who performed Hard Knock Life should definitely be very proud of themselves for a fantastic close to Act One. This particular act had elements of acting, singing AND dancing, all at once, and the girls did a very professional job at bringing the scene to life. Lovely clear singing, very convincing characterisation, close choreography.... it all came together into a brilliant performance. I am extremely proud and pleased with you all. Thanks to Tash, of course, for a scarily convincing Miss Hannigan!


Hopeless Hamlet: Another polished and professional performance by the Seniors. Quite clearly, all of you have a natural talent for comedy - delivering the funny lines with great timing, and playing for audience laughs constantly! Personal highlights for me (although the whole lot was great!) - Hamlet - you had some very lengthy lines to learn, and played your part brilliantly. Brittneys - One of the best double acts I've seen onstage! Excellent, and SO funny! And of course, the Sock Puppet Ghost...


Ballet (Mystery Dance): Inters - One of the funniest things I've seen! It was fantastic to see you all throw yourselves into the dance, and you had the audience in stitches. Absolutely brilliant. Well done to all of you!


Red Riding Hood's Granny: Juniors - this was another highlight. You all paid attention to what we said in rehearsals, so the lines came out loud and clear (even the deaf old man in the back heard you...!), and you all appeared onstage where and when you were supposed to. Really well done to all of you. We were very impressed with your acting in the show. 


Rumour Has It/Someone Like You: This is the most technical song we've ever performed at Stage It!, with some complex harmonies and quite a lot of stretching in terms of vocal range. You performed it excellently, and used facial expressions and movements to bring the song to life. Well done for a really mature and polished performance.


Frosty The Snowman/Ice Ice Baby: Another highlight - the Minis put in a fantastic performance, from the very sweet Frosty The Snowman Introduction, to the entrance of the "Mini MCs" and the brilliant dancing from all the Minis to Ice Ice Baby. You had a lot to learn and remember, and you performed it brilliantly. Well done - we are really proud of you!


Do They Know It's Christmas: We couldn't think of a better way of closing the show. Our 74-strong cast sang their hearts out, and the last few repeats of "Feed The World, Let Them Know It's Christmas Time" will stay in the memory for a long time to come. Very powerful, and definitely a "goosebumps moment"!


Well done to all of you - every single act and every single performance was top quality - you did exactly what we had asked you to. We are so massively proud of all of you for what you have achieved throughout the term and for the show.




Directors Review - Alice In Wonderland Jr
13th July 2014

Wow! After a fantastic afternoon at the Assembly Rooms, here's my review of the show:


Alices: All three of you played your parts brilliantly. You knew your lines back to front and inside-out, knew where you needed to be, and stayed in character perfectly. Medium Alice - even with the slight technical problem at the start, by following Rule 1 (Project) and Rule 2 (Face the Front), you could be heard very clearly from the back of the theatre. You sang beautifully, and conquered your nerves to put in a very strong performance. Small Alice - children twice your age would have been happy to have put in a performance like yours. You really managed to draw the audience into the story - several wanted to shout at the flowers when they were bullying you! Brilliant! Well done. And Tall Alice - Excellent work. It's not always easy to maintain a connection with your character and with the audience when you're wearing a cardboard house (not that that happens VERY often!), but you managed to keep the comic timing going, and, just like in the rehearsals, knew exactly where you needed to be and when.


Cheshire Cats: Well done all three of you. The part of "Narrator" in a play is always a key one, because you have to keep the story going, explaining things to the audience, and, at the same time, develop your characters. You worked together very well, engaging with the audience when you needed to, and never missed a cue. Well done for improvising when things were delayed slightly in Act One - it needs quick thinking when that sort of thing happens, and you adapted really well to it. You looked totally relaxed and composed on stage, like you were really at home there. Well done again.


Caterpillar: What can I say? A natural performer, with an uncanny ability to develop a great character, and a fantastic singing voice. We knew we could rely on you to pull out all the stops and put in a brilliant performance, and you certainly delivered! 


Dodo: Not only did you have to develop the character of a seafaring extinct bird, but you also had to sing a solo AND look after 15 Minis at the same time! There aren't too many students at Stage It! who could take on such a challenge, and you did an excellent job. Your confidence showed on the stage, and you performed like a natural. Well done!


Doorknob: Well done! A bit like Tall Alice in the House Dress, it can be a little bit difficult to show comedy or character when you're stuck behind a cardboard door, but you did really well - even in the fast-paced run-in to the Ocean of Tears, with everything happening around you! Your lines were delivered clearly and with feeling.


Mad Hatter and March Hare: A great performance by both of you. Hatter - I know how much you love being onstage - another of our natural performers. I knew you'd go completely overboard with your character during the show, which is exactly what you needed to do, and you did it brilliantly. Great, clear singing, and you coped with the "Removing the Watch" incident very well! Hare - I was very impressed with how you handled your nerves - I know how nervous you were before the Tea Party, and you still went out there and put in the best performance I've seen you do. You got to grips with the character of the March Hare, followed all of the "Stage Rules" and the audience loved it. Well done to both of you.


King and Queen of Hearts: Well done to both of you. Queen - you developed your character brilliantly - a thoroughly scary, loud and dominating Queen! You do realise that our Tech Crew had to turn down your microphone almost to the point that it was switched off?! You completely owned the stage, and the cast and audience were all terrified of you! King - a great job supporting the Queen, and also in your role as the judge at the trial. Your cross-examination of the witnesses may not have stood up in court, but you character certainly would have! Well done!


Mathilda: A great performance - well done. Your lines were delivered very clearly, and the way you "told Alice off" while still caring about her showed that you had given a lot of thought to your character.


White Rabbit: Oh wow - I knew when we gave you the part it would give you the chance to use you endless energy to help develop your character. It certainly worked! I've never seen a busier rabbit! You had loads of lines to remember, plus several solo songs, and I know how hard you worked on them. You did a great job in the show - and didn't miss anything out. Really well done.


Tweedles: Excellent - a very polished and well-practiced performance. You both sang brilliantly, and worked well with Medium Alice to put in a great bit of comedy. The facial expressions and movements added to the sense of character, and the audience loved it.


Flowers: Girls, you did an absolutely fantastic job. Not only did you deliver your lines clearly, not only did you sing brilliantly, but several people in the audience have said that you played your parts so well that they were getting ready to tell you to stop bullying Small Alice! Which just goes to prove how well you've developed your characters. You looked fantastic, sounded great, and put in a very professional performance, even coping with the wired microphones. Well done!


Little Lobsters: So, on to the Minis! Well done for taking part in the show. I really hope you enjoyed being onstage. It was great to see so many of you singing the songs out loudly and joining in the dancing. You looked absolutely brilliant dressed up as Lobsters, and the audience thought you were great!


Cardsmen/Chorus: Firstly, the four solo Cardsmen - Really well done! OK, your solos weren't very long, but it still takes a lot of bravery to stand onstage and sing on your own, especially with a microphone, and you all did brilliantly. Also, Painting The Roses is a very tricky song, and the lines happen pretty quickly - the four of you learned the timings and the lines really well, and performed them perfectly.

Chorus Cardsmen - As you know, it was really important to have a strong chorus throughout the show, and you did a really good job. I know we had a few problems with a couple of the songs during rehearsals, but it was great to see that you all sang really loud throughout the show, and you were always where you needed to be. 


So, to all of you, VERY MANY THANKS for putting in so much effort to what has been the best show I've ever been involved in. I am so proud of all of you, and I think you're all brilliant. Well done!




Directors Review - Carnival of Christmas Curiosities
6th December 2013

Sticking with "tradition", here is my review of last night's show from my perspective. Firstly, you should all be very proud of yourselves. Every single person in the cast gave their absolutely best performance, and the feedback we have already recieved from the audience has been fantastic.


Minis and younger Juniors: I've already lost count of the number of people who said that the Turkey Dance was their highlight. You all did your dance moves brilliantly, and got lots of laughs from the audience - well done!!!


Juniors and Inters: Well done for getting through the Clockwork Christmas dance - I know it was a difficult one to learn, and it was one of the more tricky bits to rehearse, but on the night, you did a great job! The costumes looked great, the freezing at the end of the clockwork bit was brilliant, and you did the "Moves Like Jagger" dance very well. Santa's Workshop was performed perfectly. All the toys came on and delivered the lines clearly, and the elves kept the story going (special thanks to Kiera for having to take Milli's lines at the last minute!) Well done to all of you - some big laughs from the audience, and very well deserved applause.


Seniors: What can I say?!  That dance,(you know, the one that a few of you were dreading), was absolutely brilliant, and you should be extremely pleased. You all made it look effortless, and there have been many comments complimenting you on the performance. The Mixed Up Panto was excellent, and was the best close for the show that we could have had! Special mention must, of course, go to Taylor, who had to sit in the audience watching Emma play her part in the show. Taylor - we can't wait for you to recover so you can get back to rehearsing things with us! And also, of course, special thanks to Emma for jumping into Taylor's role with very little notice.


And Fired Up, our collaborators in this venture: Guys, it has been a pleasure working with you. Your performances on the night were outstanding, and the laughter and applause was very much well-deserved.


Just a few special notes of thanks. Firstly Simon and Mal for thinking up the collaboration in the first place, and for their artistic input. Hayley for trying to keep the grown-ups of Fired Up on track during the reheasal process. Emma for all the practical support in preparation for the performance and on the day. Jemma, for making people move in ways they never knew they could. Martin and Madge for the videography and for the forthcoming DVD. Ali and Delyse for patiently dealing with a lot of excited kids backstage. And, of course, Helen, without which, pretty much nothing would have been done at all.


So, well done to everyone involved. You did a brilliant job, and I cannot wait for the next production.





Stage It! Academy open the Christmas Lights Switch-On Show
30th November 2013

Stage It! and Fired Up Theatre were very proud to kick off the Tamworth Christmas Lights Switch-On Show on Saturday 30th November, by singing Twelve Pains of Christmas and Disney Dazzle. A video of Disney Dazzle can be found on our Video and Audio page.

Arts Award to be launched at Stage It!
14th September 2013

Stage It! will be launching the Arts Award on 28th September, with a presentation to parents and students. The Arts Award is offered to all our students aged from 5-18, and we are able to offer awards at Discover (5+), Explore (7+), Bronze and Silver (11+). For more information on the Arts Award, please click here, or visit the official Arts Award website (

Christmas Show Announcement
26th August 2013

We are pleased to announce that Stage It! Academy will be putting on a Christmas Variety Show in conjunction with Fired Up Theatre at the Assembly Rooms on Thursday 5th December. This is a very exciting opportunity for our students to perform in a proper theatre setting, alongside adult performers. We will spend the coming term working on a range of acts for the show, which will allow our students to showcase their talents across the fields of acting, singing and dancing.

Pirates of the Curry Bean - Independent Review
12th August 2013

We have just been sent the following review by a member of the audience. Very many thanks - glad you enjoyed the show!


Pirates of the Curry Bean performed by Stage It Performing Arts Academy

Wilnecote High School

Sunday 14th July 2013.


Faced with last minute cast drop-outs and sweltering heat more suited to the narrative’s fictional setting of the Island of Lumbago, Stage It! Performing Arts maiden voyage of their adaptation of Craig Hawes, Pirates of the Curry Bean , could have turned out to have been a stormy journey for all the seafaring cast and backstage crew.

But not a bit of it!

A sell out out audience braved the total lack of air conditioning and revelled in the sight and sounds of swashbuckling pirates, barmy buccaneering naval officers, raucous rats and hilarious...wait for it and safety officers! The academy, set up by Helen and Chris Pitts and ably assisted by Jemma Hughes and Charlotte Jones, has only been ‘sailing’ since January 2013, and this, their first production, was a joyous treasure chest full of songs, jokes and sharply choreographed dance routines.

The cast whose ages ranged from 5-17 showed no signs of nerves or sea sickness as they boarded The Crunchy Frog and Curry Bean vessels in a race through the sea of Sciatica towards the Island of Lumbago to fight it out for the lost treasure.

There were a number of notable character driven performances that ensured this swashbuckling adventure to be a real crowd pleaser.

The new term for Stage It! begins on Saturday September 14th and the first session is free for all prospective students. One of the next ventures for Stage It! is a collaboration with professional community theatre company Fired Up Theatre, and together they are set to produce A Carnival of Christmas Curiosities at Tamworth Assembly Rooms on Thursday December 5th.

For further info, e-mail:


Quentin Symonds

Freelance Theatre Critic

Pirates of the Curry Bean - Post-production Review
15th July 2013

Well, it's the day after the big performance, and we are SO proud of all our students. The audience loved the show, despite the lack of air conditioning - and we have had some fantastic feedback - really well done all of you!


Pirates - You did a brilliant job - from your first "Aaaarrrrr!" when you walked on stage, right through to the end of the show, you stayed in character onstage, said your lines really clearly, and, for me, the dynamite scene was one of the highlights.


Sailors - What can I say?! A very well-rehearsed and professional job done by all of you. The mop dance and drill was hilarious, you sang your hearts out, and looked great - well done. Particular thanks to our last minute addition - with only 24 hours notice, you stepped in and performed your role brilliantly - many thanks.


Natives - Not only did you have your pirate/sailor roles, but you had to do a quick change to become the natives in the last scene. The grass skirts and flower garlands looked amazing, you stood in exactly the right place and remembered all your lines - that was definitely the best performance you had ever done in scene 8, so really great work.


Wally and Pratt - Brilliant work - you both worked really hard at your roles in rehearsals, and it showed yesterday - the audience particularly loved the "I'm A Wally, I'm A Pratt" line!


Scuttle and Slack - Again, both of you stepped in at late notice to play the parts of Scuttle and Slack. Despite this, you both performed your roles excellently, getting plenty of laughs in the process. Difficult to pick a highlight - a very professional job all round. Thankyou!


Squawk and Fiddlesticks - Brilliant work by our parrot and cat! Squawk - even though you'd just got back off holiday, and you were in a hot parrot outfit all day in the stifling heat, you delivered your lines loud and clear with perfect comic timing. Fiddlesticks - you were very good onstage - always in the right place at the right time, doing the right thing! Well done to both of you.


Redbeard and Louie - Wow. Amazing performances by both of you. Loved the barely-controlled menace of Redbeard - not sure whether it was the pink beard stuck to your face, but your facial expressions were great - every inch the pirate captain. Louie - a brilliant side-kick - we are really impressed with both of you - worthy leaders of the pirate crew.


Cod and Hornhonker - The two of you have consistently been very good throughout rehearsals, but it's clear that being centre-stage suits you both. The onstage relationship between you both was one of the funniest bits of the show, and you both played your characters brilliantly - I think Hornhonker in particular got some of the biggest laughs of the show. Well done.


Jack and Liza - Absolutely brilliant. The singing was fantastic (several people have admitted that they cried during Beneath The Same Starry Sky), your lines were delivered clearly, you stayed in character throughout..I know you were nervous before the performance, but you both delivered a great performance.


Pearl and Wonga - Pearl - Professional from day one, taking your role very seriously, and developing it into a believable and likeable "mother figure". A really natural onstage performance, and your singing was amazing - truly a star performance. Wonga - you had a difficult role to fill, being Wonga, and Swaggersword, and also filling in a pirate role. You adapted to the varied roles excellently, and your arrival onstage as Wonga was suitably dramatic. I particularly loved the "And now... you're all going to die" line!


The Rats and Monkeys - I am so amazingly proud of our Minis. The energy and excitement whenever you came on stage was brilliant, and the audience loved seeing you race around the stage being chased by Fiddlesticks. You sang all the songs as loud as you could, and looked like you really enjoyed doing the show. And the two monkeys did a brilliant job scaring the rest of the cast away. Really well done!


And how could we forget our fantastic Narrator, Deadeye Dinghy, who did a brilliant job at explaining the plot to the audience, and being the nicest pirate we've ever met!


It is also important to mention the cast members who couldn't make it yesterday - you were really missed, and we're so sorry you weren't able to perform your parts onstage. We were thinking of you yesterday.


So, it's all over for Pirates! Thank you all SO much for your hard work. I realy hope you enjoyed putting on the show. Please, if you can make it, come to our end of term party on Saturday - I think we all deserve to celebrate a bit!!!


Chris and Helen


Stage It! Academy supporting Ataxia UK
9th March 2013

Stage It! Academy are very proud to announce that we will be fundraising for Ataxia UK throughout 2013. Ataxia is a genetic disorder of the nervous system, leading to problems with balance, coordination and speech. The students were visited today by 11 year old Millie-Mae Ormsby, who was diagnosed with Fredreich's Ataxia 3 years ago, and is the figurehead for the charity's Vision 2020 Campaign. Charity wristbands are now for sale, and the proceeds from a charity raffle and refreshment sale at the summer show will go straight to Ataxia UK. In addition, we have exciting plans for fundraising activities throughout the year - watch this space! Please get in touch if you can support our fundraising activities in any way, or if you would like to donate. For more information on ataxia, please visit the Ataxia UK website -

Seniors to take part in Quadrophenia
13th February 2013

Stage It! are extremely proud of the seniors, who have just successfully auditioned for the Fired Up Theatre/Tamworth Repertory Company production of Quadrophenia. We have already received fantastic feedback from the director of Quadrophenia about their performances in the audition process. Quadrophenia is a community arts project, so our seniors were auditioning alongside a wide range of age groups, and we are absolutely delighted that they have all been given parts. If you are interested in seeing our seniors in action, the performance dates for Quadrophenia are 23rd-25th May at the Assembly Rooms. Well done to Taylor, Jade, Tori, Amber, Tia and Emily - we are so proud of you!

Summer Show Announcement
9th February 2013

The Stage It! Summer Show will be Pirates of the Curry Bean by Craig Hawes. We will be deciding on the cast at the next rehearsal, and will start rehearsing after the half term break. Pirates of the Curry Bean is a musical, so there will be plenty of acting, singing and dancing for all students. We may need to make some changes to session times in order to get students together for rehearsals, but we will let you know about this in good time. As soon as we have finalised the venue and date for the performance, we will let you know.

Taster Session a great success
26th January 2013

The launch of Stage It! Academy took place today, with a free taster session for all students. As well as trying out elements of Act It!, Sing It!, Move It! and Create It!, students had a chance to play some games with our giant parachute! The teachers at Stage It! loved meeting all the new students, and we can't wait for the term to start properly next week. See you all there.

Taster Session Postponed
19th January 2013

Unfortunately, the bad weather has led to a delay in the launch of Stage It! today. The snow and ice led to treacherous conditions on the road, and so the Taster Session will now take place on 26th January instead, running from 10-1. Thjs is a free session for ALL students. Please email or phone us if you are planning to attend. If you can't make it, don't worry - students can join at any time, and the first session is free.

Arts Award offered at Stage It!
5th December 2012

Stage It! are very proud to announce that they can offer the Arts Award to all students aged 7-18. The Arts Award is a nationally-recognised award scheme, managed by Trinity College, London in association with Arts Council England. The main aim of the Arts Award Scheme is to encourage young people to explore different art forms, get involved in the arts, and also develop leadership skills. This fits very closely with the objectives of Stage It!, so our Principal, Helen, had no hesitation in signing up to become an Arts Award Advisor. Helen said "One of the joys of the arts is the diversity of experiences on offer - from opera and ballet to beatboxing and breakdancing. The Arts Award encourages young people to explore areas of the arts which they would not usually have exposure to, and all our teachers at Stage It! fully support any of our students who wish to take part in the scheme." Currently, we offer the Arts Award at the Discover and Explore levels. To learn more about the Arts Award Scheme, click here.

Stage It! opens soon

3rd December 2012

We are pleased to announce that Stage It! will open it's doors at the DAC in Glascote on Saturday 19th January 2013, with a free "taster" session for all prospective students. Tea and coffee will be available for parents/carers if you want to stay and watch. The session will start at 10am and run until 1pm, and staff will be available to talk about our lessons.

Please call us on (07857) 299357 or email to register your interest, as we only have limited places available